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Q9. What is your favorite picture of yourself? (Even though you look always stunning but I would like to know your favorite one) (thomas)
The picture that my face isn't swollen. 

Q10. Do you prefer to watch basketball game or play? (mion) 
I prefer to watch. 

Q11. Yesung, you are always well dressed. Do you pick your outfits a day before or the same day? (Shiori)
It depends. I choose a day before if I go out early next morning :) 

Q12. If you are tired mentally or physically、what is the first thing you do? (Bita)
To get some healing, I go out to find quiet and beautiful place. 

Q13. What kind of work out do you do at the gym? Do you have any routine? (Maki only sees brother)
Running and work out using metal pole 

Q14. Which movie made you cry the most? (I love jjigae even I've never had it before)
For Japanese movies, 
"Be with you" (2004)
"Please get married with my wife" (2016)
Your favorite picture of yourself is? (Although Yesung looks wonderful anyway, I want to know which photos Yesung like)
Photos when my face is not swollen

Do you prefer watching basketball or playing basketball!? (mion)

Dear Yesung who is always fashionable!
Do you pick your outfit on the day before or on that day? (Shiori)
It is different depends on the time (I'm going out).
On days when I go out early, it will be on the day before ^^

When you feel tired mentally or physically
what will you do at the very beginning? (Bita)
I will find a quiet and beautiful place for healing.

What kind of exercise do you do when you visit the gym? 
Do you have any routine? (Maki who can only see oppa)
Running and horizontal bar workout. 

Please tell me the movie that made you cry the most in your lifetime!
(I like Korean stew, I never tried it though)
For Japanese movies,
”Be with You” (2004 film)
"Will You Marry My Wife?" (2016 film)
This interview is about Super Junior's Yesung, right?
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